Encompassing 4.5 acres of lush greenery, Janak Jambha Nagari stood as PROM’s flagship project, celebrated as the ultimate ‘Dreamspace.’ The JJN Township comprised 56 bungalows and 6 studio apartments, complemented by a departmental store and a community center. Distinguishing itself, JJN was the pioneering project that conducted a geological survey, identifying groundwater points, and drilling bore wells for perpetual water supply, water harvesting, and recharge—a timely initiative. Unsurprisingly, PROM’s JJN earned the prestigious ‘Platinum Rating’ from the International Green Buildings Council (IGBC), marking a first in the entire Konkan region. An exceptional architectural facet of JJN houses is their lower interior temperature, offering a cooler environment than the outdoors. Surrounded by over 700 trees, including Konkan specialties, these homes create a haven for nature enthusiasts. Mirroring the Nisarga Vihar Jambha City ethos, every JJN bungalow is fully furnished with top-quality modular kitchens, furniture, and essential fittings, complemented by a TV, refrigerator, geyser, and inverter backups—a blend of comfort and eco-conscious living.

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