PROM’s inaugural housing venture in Dapoli, the NVJC complex, comprises 15 independent bungalows nestled amidst lush greenery, pure air, and crystal-clear waters. Surrounded by Konkan’s distinctive trees—cashew, coconut, jackfruit, and the renowned mango—the complex boasts each bungalow with its private garden and parking space. Fully furnished, these homes feature top-quality modular kitchens, furniture, and all essential fittings, from curtains to dustpans. As a bonus, PPROM provides customers with household staples like a TV, refrigerator, and geyser, all backed by inverter support for uninterrupted power. Outside, broad lateritic-stone roads guide residents to a spacious garden, along with indoor and outdoor gaming zones. An exclusive well with ultraclean water adds a rustic touch and serves as an emergency water source. Additionally, residents enjoy the convenience of one-call access to essential services, spanning medical assistance to household needs.

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