Kutumb is yet another benchmark project by us that resonates with the well-heeled bungalow projects in Maharashtra. Kutumb is an exotic township project by PPROM Constructions, held with several housing opportunities, ranging till affluent bungalows.

This lucrative project is placed at Gaontale Village, which is 18km from Dapoli and 20km from Khed. This is also 6km inside from Vakavali Unvhare road and is well set up for residential purposes.  This township project has spread across 6.5 acres, and while making it a big project, several bungalows have been built. The pattern of these bungalows and configuration is going to be –

  • 1BHK twin of 660sq.ft
  • 2BHK ground floor of 761sq.ft (Single)
  • 2BHK twin of 956sqft
  • 2BHK 938sqft (Single)

Buying a house that fits in your budget is tough to find, and people generally end up giving their life savings, which is further uncompensated to the money they pay for some bungalows. But, with investing in this project, the cost for a bungalow will be 33L to 54L only, with fully furnished amenities. Therefore, Kutumb is claimed to be one of the most successfully emerging and best bungalow projects in Maharashtra.

Connectivity and Facilities

This place provides good connectivity. A direct bus is always available from Thane and Mumbai to the location of our project. The nearest metro station is Kheda, which is just 40km away from the project. Also, the nearest airport from your beautiful bungalows will be Ratnagiri, which is just 140 km away. There are several facilities available, like health care and travel facilities. In addition to that, there will be free maintenance for five years, except for Property TAX and electricity bill. This creates no doubt regarding why our bungalow projects are the must places to visit and proceed for, in Maharashtra.

Everything About Site Visit

This is that one question which people generally ask us- “Is site visit available or not?”. Yes, the site visit is available and is only 1800rs per person; including ‘pick and drop’ at the location. This visit includes Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and One day Stay at our first project. If we talk about the vehicle, then stay rest assured to go in a seven-seater vehicle to accommodate 6+1. One can come here directly by Ashwini, to travel to the site, and our team will help with the reservation. But if you are coming to the Khed station, then our team will pick you from there and will drop you as well.

Our Uncompromised Security

It is one of the most important aspects before buying any property. But we, at Kutumb, take care of your security and thereby provide you with two security guards. These two security guards will be available for five years, and after that, one can decide as per their need.

We would like you to visit this place and make one of the best housing decisions in your life. Our sample bungalows are under construction, but two projects are ready to be used. Everything will be in your favours. The best part is despite being in a good location, and with stacked facilities, the prices are not very high. We were hoping you could become a part of one of the famed bungalow projects in Maharashtra and experience every bit of satisfaction with us.