Row house is the best option for those who dream of owning a luxurious home within a limited budget. Row Houses are generally developed in a pollution-free area away from the city’s hassle. These houses are indeed the best option for middle-class families to live a luxury life. With increasing population and changing lifestyle row house in Dapoli has become a good option for people to live a peaceful life in Maharashtra.

Tapping the increasing demand for row houses, builders have started many row houses projects in Dapoli.

Row house: The Middle-Class Bungalow

Row houses are single-family homes, which look like bungalows but with limited space and facilities. In simpler words, we can say that row houses are affordable bungalows for middle people. In this housing concept, bungalow shaped houses are built in a row, calling it row houses.

Generally, a row house increased a minimum of three similar properties by its side, with their independent stairway or exits. All row houses in Dapoli are built in similar ways, but the buyer can customize them as per their needs and budget.

Row House in Dapoli

Row houses are already popular in India but the kind of row houses you get in Maharashtra are unique in their own way. The best part about the row houses here, is the traditional Maharashtra feel that you get. Unlike other places, these row houses in Dapoli are built in a very traditional st

Row House in Dapoli: An Affordable Option for Middle-Class

These types of houses are specially designed, keeping in mind the budget of middle-class families. There is much work on the exterior, but the interior finishes slightly less than the villa. Starting from affordable prices, the walls of these houses are very close to each other, whereas the outer look is entirely bean.

The Craze for Row House

The concept of ‘Row Houses’ has been very popular in South India. In North India, this concept was quite successful in Chandigarh, and now it is rapidly gaining popularity in other cities as well. And the primary reason behind the increasing craze for row houses is that they are more affordable than other options. The Independence and ‘Community Living’ feel found in the ‘Row Houses’, present a perfect mixture of the apartment and bungalow.

Top Benefits of Living in Row House

When it comes to the benefits of living in a row house, let us tell you that there are many. Here we have listed down some top benefits of these kinds of the place for you:

  • Row houses provide luxury living within a limited budget.
  • Row houses are really spacious and ensure a comfortable lifestyle with great aesthetic appeal.
  • A higher undivided share of land is another benefit that attracts homeowners.
  • These houses offer a high amount of freedom where the owners can stay and design as per their choice.
  • It is basically a mid-way between bungalows and apartments.
  • Provide hassle-free facilities for parking, water supply, electricity, etc.

The Conclusion

Moreover, we can say that row houses are the best option to live a lavish life without spending a considerable amount of money. So, let’s found a row house in Dapoli and give a long-size lifestyle to your family.