Nowadays bungalows in Dapoli are in high demand. People prefer it more than the penthouses, but do you know why? A bungalow owner in Dapoli feels that kind of surrounding that most of the people want to feel. The truth is every wise man heartily accepts the concept of bungalows and now it is the time for you to get the same kind of luxurious feeling of living. 

Then let’s get to know how the bungalows in Dapoli manage to provide greater benefits than penthouses –  

  1. In Terms Of A Fully Independent Home :

Bungalows seem the best choice ever when you are looking for an independent and attractive house for yourself. A bungalow in Dapoli has its own aesthetic identity which can not be found in penthouses. When you can not move down from a penthouse peacefully, bungalows in Dapoli make you energized to roam here and there even on the terrace or to the ground. Here you don’t need any permission to enter anywhere because every section of your bungalow is only yours, nobody has the right to resist you. 

  1. In Terms Of Better Community Living :

Penthouse residents are often unknown to other residents living in the same building, so it is not possible to make a community there, whereas, the bungalows in Dapoli provide the advantage of better community living as you always meet your neighbours either entering or getting out of your house.  On the other hand, buildings maintain a separate elevator for the penthouse residents, so you are less likely to meet other people living under your floor.

  1. In Terms Of Modification :

Like the penthouses, bungalows in Dapoli have separate amenities for all, such as a garden, park, balcony, and other essentials. But the difference is, in a bungalow, you can modify everything which is challenging to do in penthouses. So here you are getting the chance to fulfill your thoughts without any disturbance. 

In short, what is easy to do in bungalows, would be difficult in penthouses. 

  1. In Terms Of Spacious Interiors :

The designs of the bungalows in Dapoli can attract everyone with its uniqueness and it is much affordable than the best located penthouses also. And when you enter a bungalow in Dapoli, the spacious interiors give back your investment which you did for it and also make you forget about other luxurious houses. 

The penthouses can not provide that much space which a bungalow can provide within the same range.  

  1. In Terms Of Security :

You may think that as the penthouses are located at the top of the floor, there is no chance of robbing and snatching. But that is not always correct. 

Building owners don’t keep extra security for the penthouses, so if your family needs additional security, it would not be possible there and as you are living at the top floor, very few residents will recognize you, so you will not get enough help in the emergencies. But in bungalows in Dapoli, it is possible to keep additional security checkpoints, and apart from that, your community also recognizes you very well, so in that case, they can also save you from the dangers. Thus the bungalows make your security system three times stronger than penthouses.

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  1. In Terms Of Having Equal Benefits To Your Budget :

Though most of the penthouses are a little more expensive than bungalows, it does not mean that investing in penthouses would be a smart choice. A smart choice is that when you are getting equal benefits to your invested money and bungalows in Dapoli fall in that category. Despite the fact that penthouses provide a panoramic view of the skyline, you can not get the most essential facilities there. Most of the penthouses are not flexible enough for a family where every age group lives, whereas in the bungalows in Dapoli, everyone gets the scope to grab the taste of everything separately especially, the serene beauty of the sky to the ground.

While bungalows in Dapoli are providing better facilities in comparison to penthouses, there is no reason to invest in a penthouse, but in a bungalow. Kutumb brings all kinds of bungalows that can fulfill your every need, so check their wide list of bungalows for getting your own dream house.