In the process of planning a home renovation, we hope to create a space that reflects our unique habits and sense of style. Whether our designs are maximalist and ultra-chic or efficient and utilitarian, the major goal behind them is to bring happiness into the spaces in which we live, and a large part of happiness revolves around positivity because happiness is a state of mind.

Even though some of us may not be well-versed in the traditional Indian science of architecture known as Vastu Shastra—which dates back thousands of years—we are all familiar with the term and have probably come across homes built by the principles of this ancient science of architecture.



It is important to note that while Vastu Shastra supports the flow of positive energy, its beginning point—the selection of the house property—is extremely important, as it establishes the location and orientation of the living space. A home’s orientation should be East, West, North, or South, according to Vastu Shastra, because each of these directions has its own set of merits.


While the location of the kitchen, the heart of the home, has a direct impact on the health and wealth of a family, the interior design of a bedroom has an impact on the health, career, and personal life of the individuals who live in that bedroom. So, it should be in the southeast direction. Positioning the puja room has an impact on the prosperity and peace of the household.


The placement of the furniture in a space can have an impact on the energy balance of the area, resulting in either a positive or bad impact on health and mental calm.



If you want your master bedroom to be peaceful and pleasant, it should be built facing the South-West rather than the South-East, because the element of fire governs the second direction.


Considering that this would be a room for relaxation and unwinding, a softer colour palette in keeping with Vastu principles should be considered. It is also best to avoid the use of images depicting civil turmoil, civil strife, or war, as well as anything else that may elicit unhappy or negative emotions, to maintain the tranquil atmosphere of the space.


To have healthy sleep and a long life, the bed should be positioned in such a way that your head can rest towards the South or the East. Mirrors should not be placed in the bedroom since they are a source of frequent disagreements among the members of the household.



This is a place where the whole family may get together to host friends and guests for dinner. The environment must be as harmonious as possible to produce a comfortable environment conducive to the development of positive and long-lasting connections. The living room can face East, North or north east direction


Choose a lighter or pastel colour palette for this area to instil calmness and tenderness in the occupants.To maintain peace in the living room or drawing room, the northeast corner should be kept free of clutter. 


Potted plants and paintings depicting nature or other pleasant scenes will enhance the tranquilly of the space and generate positive energy.It is considered inauspicious to decorate with or simply store flowers in a room, whether they are artificial or dried. This will attract negative energy to the room.

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In Vastu homes, the space where the home’s nourishment comes from is also vitally important for balancing the energies, as the energy can be transferred to the food prepared in this space and become contaminated. So it should be in the South East direction.


The kitchen stove or countertop hob should never be placed directly beside the sink (or other sources of water). The former makes use of fire, whereas the latter makes use of flowing water: both of these elements are always at odds with one another in this battle.

Choose bright, happy colours that represent warmth and affection instead of utilising dark tiles or paint on the walls or the furnishings in this space.


Earthy colours, such as beige and reddish, will also work well in this setting because they represent stability.Natural stones, such as granite or quartz, should be used for the countertop to maintain a sense of groundedness and authenticity.


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