There is no specific parameter to measure how much relaxation you can get from your house. Because there is no limitation in getting the best-suited advantages when standing in our own living area. So finding a suitable house is never an easy task. When you go to solve your confusion over a house like living in a gated community vs. an independent house, you might face so many conflicts in your mind. 

So today let’s check out the major differences between a gated community and an independent house – 

  1. Safety comes first:

Nobody wants to compromise with their safety and this is the reason a gated community is more demanding than an independent house. 

Though independent houses provide a great deal of privacy, their location makes them susceptible to burglary and criminal activities. But the gated communities such as Kutumb are not only good for keeping privacy, but also well-guarded with the latest technology and round-the-clock security committed to the safety of the residents. 

To be said, the safety and security of an independent house are less when compared to the gated communities.  

  1. In terms of socialization and enjoyment: 

Independent houses are usually based on an isolated area that often makes it difficult to interact with other neighbours and engage in something enjoyable. On the other hand, living in a gated community tends to interact well and you know that the more socialized you can be with others, the more a closely-knit community is formed. 

In a gated community, residents get the opportunity to access all the necessary amenities such as gyms, banquet halls, parks, and swimming pools with their favorite ones. In contrast, independent houses are usually made without these amenities. But in any case, if you are getting an independent house with some of these amenities, you still have to look for someone else to enjoy it. 

Gated communities such as Kutumb offers world-class amenities such as a party lounge, outdoor gym, swimming pool, and much more. 

  1. In terms of the property value:

The value of gated communities is appreciated more than the independent houses. 

Most independent houses are built in secluded locations that are far away from major hotpots of the city. As a result, you get fewer rental options and low returns on investment. And the fact of amenity deficiency is also a problem! 

But gated communities are strategically set up with luxurious and trendy designs, along with the high-class amenities and proximity to important city landmarks. So now if you invest on living in a gated community, it will be profitable to you for two times more after a few years. 

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  1. In terms of getting a safe and spacious area:

The area of gated communities is always controlled in terms of vehicles. So if your children want to play and ride a bicycle outside, it is totally safe for them. The controlled and mandatory speed limit will help to prevent the speeding of cars for them. 

But the independent houses don’t have much area for your children to play. In that case, they have to play inside the home. But this will not be suitable for the children because they always like to jump and run while playing and it is not possible inside the house. And still, you can not permit them to play outside on roads because of the strangers and high-speed cars.

  1. In terms of maintenance charges: 

Maintenance charges in an independent house are a little bit lower than the gated communities. And it is quite natural! Because gated communities provide you so many amenities whereas an independent house does not provide such. 

So when you are spending your money to live peacefully, why will you buy an independent house that offers nothing special? Go for the gated communities like Kutumb. It provides everything worthy to fit with your budget-friendly maintenance charges.

Wrapping Up:

So now you must have no doubt before investing your hard-earned money on living in a gated community. But what to choose after coming out of the confusion over living in a gated community vs. an independent house? That’s the easiest decision to make! Kutumb offers the most happening and developed gated community structures that you might be waiting for!